Homeschool Days is a journal about home educating my son in Cornwall. A journal that documents the joyous journey of home education for us both. We are always learning. Not just the children.

An avid book reader myself I wish to encourage a love of reading that will help my son to educate himself. I realised a long time ago that most of my learning, even during my school years, was done through books that I wanted to read. Books that were so well written that the information stuck and has therefore stood the test of time.

Due to my high opinion of books we’ve adopted a Charlotte Mason style education but with far less emphasis on religion. Elliott does not memorise scripture or use it for copywork. We are however still a spiritual family but prefer to use universal themes taken from various religions and other sources.

Alongside journalling our daily life there will be a host of freebies for you and your children to enjoy. They can be used by everyone whether homeschooled or not. All freebies are created for my son to use. I am simply glad to be able to share these items with you too.

We were keen to homeschool from the offset but difficult circumstances meant that my son, Elliott, attended a small village school in Somerset for one year before we could finally make the transition. The school had a very gentle ethos, promoting kindness and awareness of others and the children even got to partake in weekly gardening lessons with a plethora of local volunteers (myself included). A rare treat these days!

Despite the school being small and far less intimidating than some of the others in the area Elliott still felt great disconnect and longed to be taught from home. My partner and I have always been great believers in truly listening to children. They are so wonderfully wise and know themselves better than we do as parents. Elliott always has so many ideas that he wants to act upon yet after spending a day in school there would be little time. He would also often be exhausted and getting him to complete the homework he was set could be a major challenge.

bedford-quoteIn my heart I knew he was right. Some children really do love school and long to go. But it’s not right for every child. Our family knew that Elliott would benefit from a home education. We want him to have the time to see all his ideas through to fruition. We want him to have the attention that he deserves so he can advance at reading and writing by practising in small frequent measures. We want him to be able to take over much of his own education so that his inspiration can quickly manifest into whatever form he wants it to take.

Charlotte Mason believed in spending only the morning teaching. Therefore we believe the afternoon should go wherever the imagination takes us!

Laura Wilding
Mother, Freelancer & Home Educator


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