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Post-It Note Toilet Roll Monsters

November 22, 2015

One afternoon Elliott cried, “I want to craft!!”

What do you want to craft?” I asked.

“I don’t know!”

I thought about the toilet rolls in the waste paper bin and quickly typed “toilet roll crafts” into Pinterest. Ahh Pinterest, you life saver. From emergency dinner inspiration to DIY this, that and everything else you’re now saving my unorganised self from an over energetic five year old having a frustrated craft related meltdown.

Scrolling through the mass of images Elliott spotted a toilet roll monster. “I want to make one of those!” It was love at first sight.

Annoyingly we were lacking the pipe cleaners like the ones in the picture. Undeterred I opened our homeschool supplies cupboard and started pulling all sorts out but it was the fluorescent Post-It notes that caught my attention. “Aha” I thought! “Get me the scissors now!”


With a selection of other bits and pieces the two of us set to work each creating our own toilet roll monster. Even Daddy, on break from work, couldn’t resist getting involved before the end.

Who would have thought so many different looking characters could come from the humble beginnings of toilet rolls and Post-It notes? And could Post-It notes possibly be my new favourite crafting item? I hope I can come up with some more ideas for them in the future.


Want to make your own monster out of Post-It notes and toilet rolls?

Well here’s the list of materials and tools that we used…

Toilet rolls
Post-It notes
Sticky eyes
Lollipop sticks
Coloured/patterned paper

But obviously you could use anything! The Post-It notes just happened to steal the show helping us to create wacky skirts and hair. Just grab a Post-It, snip it and stick it. Use its pre-stickiness to adhere to your toilet rolls. You can also simply wrap them around the tube to create a colourful body. Lovely job!


Get the whole family involved and see how many different characters you can come up with! It’s surprisingly fun… I promise. The perfect craft for a rainy a day. There’s been enough of those recently!